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Welcome to our blog. It's designed to give people back home an idea of what it's like living in South Korea and to allow you to follow us on our journey.

I've been blogging a lot of facts and I feel I should say that some of it is copy pasted from books, the internet and the signs that I took pictures of at the tourist site itself.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Crossing Guard

We were out shopping this weekend and we saw the coolest crossing guard ever. He reminded me of Micheal Jackson with his outfit and of Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 when he's directing traffic at the start of the movie. This guy had some major moves to tell cars which way to go and although he was talkng non-stop and he was definitely dancing. This would have been way better shown if I had a camcorder but the rapid shots I got with my camera will have to do. There was so much movement that I had a hard time knowing who's turn it was, but the cars all understood him. At the end of each traffic direction change, he would finish with a bow as you see in the picture. It was kind of like a nice thank you, as is the norm in Korean culture.

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