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I've been blogging a lot of facts and I feel I should say that some of it is copy pasted from books, the internet and the signs that I took pictures of at the tourist site itself.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Favorite Students

These are some of my favorite students for various reasons, mostly because they are nice and quiet in class and they do their homework, which tends to be the smarter students who do well. One of my newer students made my "favorite student list" because his mom told me in front of everyone during parent teacher day that her son loves my class. He said he likes it because the teacher is nice and he gets to learn and have fun at the same time. I don't want to brag about "all" the compliments I got, but this one was worth mentioning.

The first picture is of Raphael, the student I just talked about.

The second picture is of Ben, the cutest little guy who loves to do good in school, but has way too much energey for his own good. I think he might be drinking some energy drinks before coming to school!

Then I have Kelly, a very smart, quiet girl, stuck in a class of 4 attention seekers. She always does her homework and when we do correction, if I'm not sure what the answer is, I will ask her to answer first and go with that.

Next is Rooni, who named this kid? He is in the newest class I have and they are very new to the English language. Rooni seems to understand better than the others. I have a hard time explaining what they need to do for homework and such, but Rooni usually understands first and when I see that he just got it, I ask him to explain to the others for me and he gladly does. I also got 3 new students since the class started in March and Rooni has helped me get them up to speed.

Last but not least, there's Susan. I actually really like every student in her class and you will see her class picture in my other teaching blog, but she is the cutest. She is very shy and every day she has a cute outfit. One day, she looked like little red riding hood. She is very smart, but because she is so shy, she has weak speaking skills for her level of written English.

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