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I've been blogging a lot of facts and I feel I should say that some of it is copy pasted from books, the internet and the signs that I took pictures of at the tourist site itself.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busan Fish Market - South Korea

We have seen many markets in South Korea and most have a variety of booths that sell different things but in Busan along the ocean shores there is a market that is strictly fish. I didn't see anything that looked like what I would call fish for sale though. This picture shows less then half the booths that were set up and everyone was selling the same things.

The second picture really reminded me of, well, I'm sure you see it too.

The third is full of small octopuses that people eat raw and alive. I've only seen a few video clips on "youtube" but they dip these little guys in a sauce and eat them head first. The tentacles wiggle around their faces and try to get out but of course they fail since they are being eaten alive. I'm told that if you don't chew the tentacles enough they can stick in your throat and choke you. I'm not a "save the animals" kind of guy but this is cruel in my opinion.

The forth is squid which we see a lot and it's funny to see them swim in tanks as they don't maneuver much and just have a big burst of speed in 1 direction and hit the tank walls.

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Sarah said...

I just read this outloud to all my co workers and showed them the pictures and this is gross. Does anyone actually buy these little fishies?