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I've been blogging a lot of facts and I feel I should say that some of it is copy pasted from books, the internet and the signs that I took pictures of at the tourist site itself.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meat Department

Meat has been a small challenge in South Korea. We miss beef. To our parents reading this, we would like to place a order for the best and biggest steak (Angèle wants mushrooms) when we get back to Canada.

They eat a lot of pork in S. Korea and they don't clean off the fat as much as we would like. The only clean piece of meat that we found was pork tenderloin which was reasonably priced at approx $2.50 cnd for 1. We bought what we thought was bacon, as you see here with bone in it, but it didn't taste like bacon at all. We are assuming that in Canada they cook, smoke and season the bacon before packing it. We think this is bacon straight from the pig, untouched, bone and all. So, we'll have a side order of bacon with our steak.

Ground beef isn't common in S. Korea either, we only found chopped beef which is extremely expense as you see here this pack cost approx. $11.00 cnd and tasted like steak in our spaghetti sauce. We aren't sure if we will do that again.

We have yet to find a clean, boneless, skinless chicken breast either. They seem to only pluck and gut the chicken then chop it up into small pieces, in no particular order, and price it for sale. *Yummy!

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*hint of sarcasm.


Henri said...

Interesting to read comment on price of pork an beek but twhat is the unit refwerence: CAD/kg or CAD/lb or price par weight of xx

Pierre & Angèle said...

Good point, I think I left that info out because I couldn't read it on the package. I would say that ground beef was a little less than 1 pound and the pork tenderloin was about 1.5 pounds.

Henri said...

Blowing the labels here what I read Label pork tenderloin 10858 won for 920 g at 1180 won/100g or 11800won/kg = 33.45CAD/kg

Label on beef Korea Ground beef at 11908 won for 260 g at 4580 per 100g or 45800won/kg = 48.00CAD/kg

Change 1Cad = 952,50W

Have you seen the price of seal met or could you find it for me and hunter from Madeleine Isl.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that S. Kireans favorite meat is dog meat? I read this in an article on the web.
LC, Window Rock AZ

Pierre & Angèle said...

South Korea did openly consume meat at one time however it has all gone underground. When they were going to have the Olympics in 1988 the media was putting the spotlight on it and it was frowned upon. Needless to say they passed some laws that forced the dog meat business to hide themselves. It still happens and my kids talk about it all the time but I haven't seen it yet.
Although, unless they have a picture of a dog in the window I wouldn't know if they serve dog meat or not in a restaurant just by looking at it.